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15 Replies to “Getting ready to go wedding ring💍 shopping!!! #shorts”

  1. Am I the only one that hears the ringing in the back. It ends every time I pause it and starts every time I play it

  2. No hate on the people saying the first dress is better but it could have been a bad choice 😅
    If you’re going to a wedding you definitely should not try to get attention, which the first dress with the open back could have looked like

  3. I do agree that the other dress is cuter, but in a more revealing manner. the 2nd 9nebis still really cute in a casual, comfortable, still elegant manner. less to have to fidget with. I don’t like wearing things that require me to readjust it every 15 minutes. so 2nd dress was definitely a winner! however, I would’ve done black bag. the cherry one was off white which through me off since the dress was a pristine white.

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