Today, I’m sharing my everyday jewellery with you. I’m especially excited to show you my engagement and wedding rings up close as well which have definitely been part of my everyday jewellery 🙂 Xx Isabelle 🌟ITEMS SHOWN IN VIDEO🌟 1/ Cartier Love bracelet small in rose gold (size 16) – 2/ Cartier Love ring in rose gold (size 52) – 3/ Hearts on Fire diamond stud earrings – 4/ Cartier C de Cartier necklace – 5/ Freshwater pearl stud earrings from a local jeweller 6/ Forte Forte pearl drop necklace – 7/ My engagement ring – N/A online 8/ Laurence Graff Signature Diamond band (size 49) – Dress I’m wearing (old, but same one from current season here) – ***************************************************** 📽 Subscribe to my channel – 📸 Follow me on Instagram – 🌐 Visit me at 💌Email me at [email protected] ***************************************************** Watch these videos next ♥︎ Bridal Haul | Dior, Cartier, Hermès etc! – ♥︎ Cartier Love Bracelet Small 1 year review *Do I still recommend it?* – ♥︎ My WEDDING SHOES UNBOXING x2👰🏻‍♀️🤩 Jimmy Choo Bridal heels! – ***************************************************** 🌟CURRENT COUPON CODES🌟 💚7 Rue Paradis bag inserts (absolute best for Hermès bags!) – Code “7RPxISABELLE30” for €30 off 1 insert purchase OR Code “7RPxISABELLE70” for €70 off 2 inserts 💚The Purse Affair (amazing consignment store for designer bags) – Code “Isabelle50” for $50AUD off first purchase. 💚Lilysilk (my favourite affordable brand for silk shirts) – Code “Isabelle15” for 15% off already amazing prices! —————————————— *Disclaimer: This video is not sponsored. Some of the links used are affiliate links. As a customer, you do not pay any extra because of an affiliated link. I may receive a small percentage of the sale from an affiliate link.

17 Replies to “My Everyday Jewellery *ft. My Engagement and Wedding rings*”

  1. How beautiful is this collection <3 Love all the pieces. I have been eyeing the Love bracelet from Catier, but I am not sure i would work for me.... I'am a dentist (like you) and I work at the hospital as part of my residency, so I would have to remove it or just wear it on the weekends.... but i Love the look of it. Do you wear it even when you work?

    1. So good to have a fellow dentist here😍 I do wear my slim love bracelet all the time. It just stays under the glove and it’s light weight so I don’t notice it at all while working. I think the regular width may be too chunky to wear for work for us though. Good luck on your decision Anita xx

  2. They are absolutely beautiful. I don’t have any jewellery that I wear all the time. I am a big jewellery lover and like to wear a different combination every day and I feel really uncomfortable wearing it to bed or anywhere in water.
    My favourite type of jewellery is pearls and Australia is a pearl lover’s paradise, if you know where to look, which I do. We have the highest quality and most sought after cultured pearls in the world centered around Broome. However, it’s not the best place to buy them as it’s very touristy and the prices reflect that. I have found the best place to buy salt water pearls is Rutherford in Melbourne. They have a specialty pearl store in Collins Street, between Russell and Swanston Streets, which has a huge range of south sea and Tahitian pearls for a large range of prices. They have a regular jewellery store a couple of doors down the hill where they have Akoyas. On the opposite side of the road is Paspaley Pearls. They sell white south sea pearls from their own farms which are the highest quality, and the highest priced, cultured pearls in the world. So it would be a good idea to check these stores out next time you are in Melbourne. They both have very good websites so you can get an idea of what’s available and the prices. You may be a bit shocked at the price of Akoyas. I heard that in the Hong Kong pearl auction this year that the wholesale price of Akoyas is up by 60 – 80%. That came as a big surprise. Good luck. I am sure you will find your perfect pearls. Once you see salt water pearls you will be amazed at the lustre. Pretty as freshwater pearls are there is no comparison between them and salt water pearls. The difference is startling.

  3. This was a fun video to watch! Thank you for also showing us your wedding and engagement rings, and your hubby’s! I like that your wedding bands sort of match. I’m really happy for you, congratulations 🥰

  4. *The Graff rings are designed to be stackable so in the future you can purchase more slim rings to create various combinations.* 😉

  5. Hello very beautiful jewels. Can I ask which carat is the diamond on the engagement ring? Perhaps 2.00?

  6. I would love to know the carrot amount! It helps so much when trying to see what works best/ with the size of your finger. Beautiful pieces, cheers!

  7. I like the design of your wedding band. Classy and unique. Oh your engagement ring is beautiful too.

  8. *Can you do a video describing the different leathers, pros and cons? Why would you not try @ **_lvguci.com_** , the same bags and much cheaper and i guarantee for quality*

  9. Hi !! Loved your jewerly collection ! Do you mind me asking how many carats are your engagement ring ? I just think that the proportion is perfect on your finger.

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