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15 Replies to “Testing Diamond Wedding Ring from Boyfriend (REAL or FAKE?!)”

  1. I dont understand why girls allways get upset when the diamond is not real😂 shoudlnt it just matter how and from who ot was gifted. I feel like they get mad because some day when they divorse they would wanna sell it 😅

  2. “im feeling very happy now” you should be happy that you have a real man next to you that cares about you not about a fking diamond. Let her go my king she is not the one.

  3. Isn’t the important thing what that ring means to you and the person in front of you? Diamond rings are everywhere. Love is very hard to find. If you’re with someone who truly loves and cares for you, it shouldn’t matter to you whether the ring is real or fake. The time you spend with him is worth more than a diamond.

  4. Where I live, Spence diamonds is the most annoying ad we hear on the radio. Literally every 2 mins there’s a Spence ad.

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